Carol Howell Talks Dementia: In 2018, Less Worry and More Praise

Worry doesn’t prevent disaster, it prevents prayer!

I heard it said this week, “You can’t worry while you praise.”  That little sentence hit me like a ton of bricks.  I’ve been very busy planning, and scheduling, and listing, and doing, and worrying.  I hate to admit that!

Life is changing constantly for all of us.  My life is changing drastically because of Momma’s advancing Alzheimer’s.  She is no longer in “mid-stage Alzheimer’s,” she is in full-blown “advanced-stage Alzheimer’s.”  We also signed her up for hospice care.  If you take those events, and my tendency to need to plan out every detail, throw them in a bowl and stir briskly, you have a picture of Carol worrying.

What if upcoming plans for Momma backfire?

What if she resists the care of hospice employees?

What if she declines even more?

What if she falls?

What if she continues to lose weight?

What if she gets another UTI?

What if she forgets me?

What if….?

Folks, I do not have the answers to any of those questions. Like you, I must trust the God of all creation to handle each of my life situations to his glory. What I must also do is stop spending my time worrying, and I must turn that time into praising him.  After all, he calmed the seas with a few small words. I’m thinking my life situation isn’t such a challenge.

Hope that gives you Something to Ponder.

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