Your 100 Day Prayer Journey: The Transforming Power of Actively Waiting on God

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What do you do when faced with an impossible situation, a disturbing problem or loss, or a major life decision?

Alfred Lord Tennyson said, “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.” At Theology Mix, we strongly believe in the power of prayer and the necessity of a strong prayer life. For this reason, we are beginning the year by joining together to thank God for his love and grace, to place before him those things on our hearts that only he knows about, and to ask him for his help and guidance.

If you’re like most of us, our intentions are good, but then we lose focus or just don’t have the stamina to carry on—our burdens just weigh us down. Your 100 Day Prayer is like a prayer partner. It helps you to know that others are praying with you as you together wait on God for his answers and deliverance. It is in the praying and waiting that our faith stretches and grows.

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What people are saying:

Be Transformed While You Wait on God! -Cherrie Hill

“Your 100 Day Prayer” is more than just a book filled with scriptural truths, it is a study of God’s Promises that will help you to “actively wait on God.”

This is truly a unique book. It is broken out like a “devotional,” able to be used as a bible study, and still organized as a progressional book to be read from beginning to end. As the author states in the Introduction, the book is a “guide to lead you through a 100-day period of prayer as you face a crisis or problem of greater than normal difficulty. It’s offered as both an encouragement and a guide to sustained petition.” I don’t know of anyone right now who is not going through “something” that is NOT challenging their faith…everyone needs this book to encourage them through their trials of life. The wonderful thing is that the author wants you to focus upon the ONE prayer that you’ve been praying, or maybe you’ve given up on, and take 100 days to focus upon God’s Word in relation to that one situation. Each day starts with a Scripture, followed by the authors incredibly insightful teaching from it, a brief prayer, and journaling space to write down what the Holy Spirit has laid on your heart while focusing upon the day’s teaching.

This book is sure to transform you as you stay obedient to God’s Word in continual prayer and allow God to work in and through you while you wait on His answer.

This book is great. -David Pagel
It simply states the obvious but in a way that is easy to understand and apply to your life. Stop spinning your wheels and turn to God, are you living the life he intended or the life you so desire?

Wonderful aid when facing a specific issue, – patti “heartlandbooklvr”
When I shared with a friend that I was facing a difficult career decision and needed clear guidance, she suggested this book. I purchased it and have been using it for several weeks now. Snyder provides a wonderful tool for anyone who has a significant issue they want to focus on in prayer. This book is based on Scripture, not any particular denomination, which I appreciate, and each day’s focus and reading are very clear, direct, and almost simple in nature. My daughter saw my copy, read the first few pages, and ordered her own copy.-

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A powerful witness to the place of prayer in the Christian life with a user friendly daily discipline to introduce you to it. Highly recommended.
–Thomas W. Gillespie, President Emeritus, Princeton Theological Seminary, New Jersey

When you’re faced with a mountain you can’t climb alone, you need more than friendly advice! In this amazing and transforming book, John Snyder takes you on a life-changing journey through 100 days of personal prayer as you follow Jesus’ command to ask, seek, and knock. Whether you have a special need or you want a more consistent, meaningful prayer time with God, Your 100 Day Prayer gives you daily practical guidance, hope, and encouragement. This is definitely a must-read for ALL Christians!!
–Gregg Bissonette, Grammy winning musician, drummer

The concept of Your 100 Days of Prayer is inspired, and can only accomplish great things for our nation and the Kingdom of God if we’ll all cooperate and implement it. The Lord is waiting to see if we have the courage and the desire. He is able.
–Pat Boone, singer, actor, producer, author, and motivational speaker

Conversing with our Father in prayer is critical to spiritual growth. In Your 100 Day Prayer, John Snyder provides very practical and diverse meditations that will most certainly enhance the reader’s prayer life and set the tone for daily living that is focused on God.
–Rick Dempsey, Sr. Vice President , The Walt Disney Studios

In today’s internet age of instant gratification it’s all too easy for Christians to “want it now” and expect the Lord to instantly honor Matthew 7: 7 “Ask and it will be given to you…” John Snyder’s excellent book provides a beautiful pathway to journal our 100 days of focused prayer as we are transformed in the process.
–David Pack, Saddleback Church, Orange County, CA, Grammy winning Recording Artist & Music Producer

In this 100 day pilgrimage, Dr. Snyder has woven four great Christian traditions together—daily scripture reading, devotional insight, prayer, and journaling. You cannot practice these disciplines faithfully and emerge unchanged. I think that you will find when the journey has ended, that God has been your guide and your destination.”
–Dr. Ed Ewart, MOO Church, Mission Viejo, CA

If you already enjoy a daily, satisfying prayer life, don’t read this book. But if you’re looking for something to stimulate you to become more faithful and systematic, John Snyder’s Your 100 Day Prayer offers you an opportunity to focus on talking to God daily and making it an ongoing habit.
–Cecil Murphey, author or co-author of more than 100 books including 90 Minutes in Heaven and Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

John Snyder has taken a chapter out of his own life and made it available to all of us…Your 100 Day Prayer is an incredibly practical and powerful tool for any individual or family who desires to develop and strengthen their prayer life.
–Matt Kees, Director, Christian Musician Summit conferences, and Music Producer

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