A Pastor’s Psalm: A Prayer for the Pastor

My soul cries to you
My inner being seeks in vain

I preach as you have commanded
The proclamation of my lips is what you have instructed

Do you see the works of my hand?
Are you with me as I serve your people?

Behold, you are there.
When I speak, when I pray, when I weep.

You have not left me alone,
The Lord has been my strength in the storm.

My soul may faint
My strength may fail

The Lord remains steadfast and unmoved,
You are there, even now, You are present.

A Prayer for the Pastor

Heavenly Father, I pray today on behalf of all those who faithfully preach your word around the world. I lift them up and ask you to bless the words of their mouth. Give them the words to say, and their listeners the ears to hear. Strengthen their hearts that they may preach the whole counsel of your Word. Keep them from holding back in fear. Let them see only you as they open their mouths to proclaim your Word. Let them feel your palpable presence in their deepest of trials. Strengthen them. Embolden them. Soften them.


Photo By Els via Flickr

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