The Fury of God: Chapter by Chapter Study Guide

The Fury of God: We Cannot Truly Understand God’s Love Until We Fully Understand His Fury Online Study Guide: An index of all the posts and follow-up questions to  help with personal Bible studies and small group. Hopefully these will even open the door for small group studies in local church settings.

Each link below corresponds to the chapter in the book indicated in parenthesis.

1. If God is Love, Why Should We Care About His Fury? (Introduction)
2. Bathing in the Pool of Uncommon Grace (Chapter 1)
3. Sorrow and Love Flow Mingled (Chapter 2)
4 Homosexuals: Born That Way (Chapter 3)
5. Never Forget the Fury of God (Chapter 4)
6. To Submit or Subvert (Chapter 5)
7. Time to Take God Seriously (Chapter 6)
8. Lamentations: The God Nobody Wants (Chapter 7)
9. Jesus Wasn’t Always Nice (Chapter 8)
10. Jesus Kills People (Chapter 9)
11. The Cups of Wrath and Blessing (Chapter 10)
12. The Pendulum and a Prayer (Conclusion)

If you utilize the book The Fury of God in a personal devotional style, or in a small group or church setting, please let us know! All the feedback we can get is a big help to understanding how the book is making an impact in the lives of God’s people.

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