Jill Richardson

The Mark of Cain

It’s near the end of March, which to me means spring is imminent. Okay, I know it isn’t. This is Chicago, after all. I know, in a way no one south of Highway 70...

The Last Slaves

Mae Louise Walls Miller was a slave in southern Mississippi. One day she met Henriette, a storyteller about slavery, and Mae regaled her with her own story—a st...

Don’t Settle

So what makes us think we can escape if we ignore this great salvation that was first announced by the Lord Jesus himself and then delivered to us by those who ...
Jill Richardson

Jill Richardson

Jill Richardson serves as Lead Pastor at Resolution Church in Chicagoland. She has published five books and contributed to others from Lillenas Publishing House and Christianity Today. Favorite topics for writing, speaking, and Facebook ranting include: grace, the terrible messages we send to teenagers, risk taking and fighting fear, communicating with and learning from the Millennial generation, being a Christian in a post-Christian world (without being a jerk), church, writing, missions, and travel. Her MDiv comes from Bethel Seminary in St Paul with an emphasis in theology and preaching, and she is in the midst of a doctorate program at Gordon-Conwell in Leadership in a Changing Church Context. In another age, she also studied English at Washington University. She has an unnatural love for Middle-earth, chocolate marzipan, old musicals, fish tacos, and Earl Grey. She believes in Jesus, grace, restoration, kindness, justice, and the Cubs. Her passion is her tagline: Picturing Faith with the Next Generation. She can be found at jillmrichardson.com.