Before the guys get into art being communication, they begin this episode by talking with Cody about the Gospel Coalition Conference that he and Daniel attended. Cody gives an update on some of the workshops he attended and the people he met. He tells a story about their Airbnb house key that was lost and going through the process to get a new one made!

As they get into the depth of the What is Art? series and how art is communication, they talk about the pieces today that bring to the forefront how art is more than just a man sitting in front of a canvas being creative and painting a cool picture. Rather, art is a form and medium of communication.

So what does it communicate?

In the pieces they examine, taken from the walls of the Arena Chapel in Italy, they show that art often did not portray an accurate picture of the subject, but rather, portrayed the ideal of that particular person or position.

They dig into a close up of one of the panels from the chapel and talk about the assumed people based on knowledge and understanding of art. There are recognizable people, even if you don’t know who they are, you can know how they are. Having some knowledge of art and history can give any person the ability to interpret a piece of art and look past the surface of the painting, reading it like it was intended to be. Art speaks, art is a story without words, art is communication.

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