Ep 032.3 What is Art? Series – Art is Worship

In another episode of the What is Art? series, Cody and Roy talk about art being worship. There is a worldview among some artist called Aesthetic Sense Theory and in this worldview they take art for solely the aesthetic elements, chopping out anything and everything else.

Clive Bell, an aesthetic sense theorist, even goes as far as to say “art is the way in which we know ultimate truth.” This is a dangerous and erroneous theory and worldview. It takes what was created and gifted to man and raises it to a place of God, therefore, making it into an idol, a thing to cause worship.

This theory leads to aesthetic exaltation and the art piece itself causing the viewer to worship it. It takes everything away except emotion and that is what we are to ride on. This is a crazy place from which to try and live.

There were other people in this group of theorists and that had a gang called the Bloomsbury Group. In this group, you have people like Clive Bell, Roger Fry, Virginia Woolf, and others. These people fed off one another thoughts and only caused their theory to become stronger.

We talk about this and the danger and sadness that this type of worldview brings—empty and devoid of any hope.

Outro Music: Lights On by Trip Lee

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