Ep. 031.2 Formalistic Art Series: Shape – ABC’s and 123’s of Art

This week in the Formalistic Art Series, we take on some shape and discuss how they fit into, and work, in art. We talk about a process called the Feldman’s Method of Art Analysis. We dive into how this process works and then follow a rabbit trail on how this process (hermeneutics) can be used by a Christian for biblical studies and daily understanding of God’s Word.

Roy gives Daniel a chance to try out the method. He does really well describing it, but you can see the picture here.

We play an art version of Apples to Apples with a couple pieces of art—one by Picaso called Man with Guitar and the second by Wassily Kandinski called Yellow, Red, Blue. Roy gives Cody and Daniel some words and they have to try and use the Feldman’s Method to determine what word best describes the particular piece they are given.

Give this method a try next time you evaluate a piece of art, or, even better, use it in your personal Bible study time.

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