Grab your level seven clearance because we’re diving deep into the Calvinist Anon world with Agent Phil Coulson! We start things off with our sermon clip of the week discussing God’s horrific promise to put Israel under siege if they disobeyed.

Next we turn our attention to the Anonymous Twitter universe and chat with Calvinist Coulson about his real life, family, church, favorite theologians and we learn why he chose to become Agent Phil Coulson.

In our Theology Mix feature, we discuss an article written by Jeremy Lundmark that takes a different perspective on the Ashley Madison hack. Then in our podcast world segment we highlight episode 137 of Apologia Radio where Jeff Durbin and company challenge Steven Anderson to a debate on Calvinism and they discuss Planned Parenthood abortion protests that have been happening all around the country.

This brings us right into our main topic where Agent Coulson and I discuss his plans to organize a Gospel ministry geared toward their local abortion mill. What makes his approach somewhat unique is that he has gone to his local church and has sought their leadership and guidance.

Finally, after much deliberation we conclude with a few application points:

1. Everyone Should Watch the Babies Are Murdered Here Documentary (See Below)
2. Everyone Should Watch the 180 Movie by Ray Comfort (See Below)
3. Everyone Should Watch at least 5 of the Planned Parenthood Videos released by the Center for Medical Progress
4. Agent Coulson Sends Director Orders to Jeff Durbin, Tony Miano, and Apologia Radio to Produce a “Blueprint” video for how a church can start an abortion clinic outreach.

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