After the Sermon: Episode 07 – Calling, Changing Churches, Fox GOP Debate, History of Abortion, and Reducing Gun Violence



We kick things off with an appetizer about the calling of God to jobs, ministries, and locations. Can we objectively define these callings or are they purely subjective?

Next, we answer a voicemail question about changing churches. In this case, the caller is driving 20 minutes out of his community to attend church. He believes God would rather have him serving in a church closer to his own community. We give some advice on how to proceed in considering this move.

For our main topic, we discuss the Fox News GOP Presidential Debate. Specifically, we zero in on Ted Cruz’s comments about hearing from God, Rand Paul’s spat with Gov. Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee’s bold stance on abortion, and Carly Fiorina’s knowledgeable comments about foreign affairs.

In our Theology Mix feature, we briefly touch on Kyle Howard’s recent post “Abortion—An Historical Background.”

We close things out by looking at the Podcast World. First, we play a clip from Episode 54 of Reformed and Reloaded where they interview John Risenhoover from CCW Safe. Specifically, we discuss his comments on how our justice system needs to focus more on shooters rather than on guns in order to reduce gun violence.

Last, we touch on the Reformed Pubcast’s stance against Walking Dead while Calvinist Batman and Gotham Central seem to support the show. How exactly do we decide which shows and movies are morally “okay” to watch? Let us know your thoughts by texting or calling 607-223-2353.


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