Devotions from Psalms Series: A Trustworthy Guide

Although I had never seen this person before, he was a trustworthy guide—at least for the next hour.

My wife and I were on vacation in the mountains of Tennessee and wanted to visit somewhere we hadn’t before. Forbidden Caverns popped up as near our location and on our way home. I had visited caverns as a child, but many years had passed since I had walked beneath the earth’s surface.

We waited in the lobby for our guide to appear. After he did, he led us down a hallway and stopped us at the end of the ramp. He told who he was and explained what we would do.

As we toured our designated pathways, I noticed many more walkways branching off in various directions. Knowing how dark it would be should the electricity fail, I was glad we had a guide who knew the layout, had the means to contact help, and could give us accurate information about the cave’s history and the present forms of life that lived there.

God told David he would guide him along life’s pathway—advising him along the way—and David trusted him to do so. After all, he had guided him while he was a shepherd boy and did the same when he became king of Israel.

“The Lord says, ‘I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you’” (Psalm 32:8 NLT).

God is our trustworthy guide because he’s competent. My cave guide didn’t make the cave, but he knew it intimately. He had been trained and could now lead others.

God is sovereign. He made the earth, currently guides all the affairs on earth, and will culminate the end by making a new heaven and a new earth. Additionally, he is all wise and powerful. Furthermore, he dwells in the future we’ve not experienced, has good plans for our future, and will guide us into it if we’ll let him.

God can also provide the help we need along life’s journey. When trials, tribulations, and confusing times affront us, he gives us the power to overcome and the wisdom to make the right decisions.

All the above make God a trustworthy guide. I’ve used maps, others, GPSs, and phone apps to guide me, but they all failed at some point. God never will.

Choose God as a trustworthy guide to maneuver you through the often-confusing thing called life.

Photo by Zane Persaud on Unsplash