After the Sermon: Episode 12 – Jailing Deputies, Bernie’s Equality, Biden’s Beau, Stewarding Kingdom Money, Popcorn Theology, Women Studying Theology, and Ordinary Pastors



In this episode of After the Sermon, we make up for shortened segments in our last two episodes by doing a full episode of Appetizers, Theology Mix features, and News from the Podcast world.

As always, we kick things off with our sermon clip of the week. This week’s sermon was from Lamentations 4 where we see the strange hope that comes from seeing God keep his Word, even when that Word results in our judgment.

Next, we bite off more appetizers than we can chew as we discuss a number of issues surrounding recently released Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis. We ask the question “Should her deputies go to jail?” We also touch briefly on the apparent lawsuit that has been filed against Davis and Huckabee for using the song Eye of the Tiger without first getting permission. Finally, we delve into the world of incest laws particularly related to the criminalization of incestuous relationships and the effect that the SCOTUS decision might have on those laws.

We continue to pile on the appetizers as we discuss democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and Vice President Joe Biden. Sanders was recently a featured speaker at Liberty University and we discuss his dismissal of abortion while emphasizing the injustice of income inequality. Then, we look at Joe Biden’s recent Late Show interview with Stephen Colbert. We look at the raw emotion and consider why we need to see more of this love of country, love of others, and deep conviction for our country in other presidential candidates.

Next we look at three excellent articles in our Theology Mix feature. First, we look at three important questions we should ask before supporting ministry. Second, we discuss Eric Johnson’s post discussing whether or not tithing is for today. The answer may surprise you. Third, and finally, we briefly touch on a short but powerful post from Christ Linzey that brings back into the football season, and challenges us to be a little less critical of one another and our leadership.

Finally, we turn our attention to the podcast world and discuss the reformed movie podcast “Popcorn Theology.” A podcast devoted to finding the redeeming qualities in the entertainment industry. We also look at “Ezer Uncaged” which recently asked, “Should Women Study Theology.” Finally, we get a little bit of a preview of “The Ordinary Pastor’s Podcast” as our host, Jeremy Lundmark, will be featured this week to discuss, “How to Know When It’s Time to Leave a Ministry.”

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