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Video Game Ministry with Mark Caviness on Speak UP!

Mark Caviness grew up an urban cowboy. Being a Southern young man in Texas, he played football, enjoyed a couple beers with his buddies while two-stepping at Gilly’s. In 1984, he married Angie, the woman of his dreams and shortly thereafter their family grew with daughters Ashley and Brook.

As life takes shape around young families where the man of the home doesn’t know God, trials often become insurmountable. For Mark and Angie, divorce loomed, but the love of their baby girl saved the marriage. In March of 2000, the strength of these bonds were stretched to their limits, when Ashley died in a horrible train accident. As often happens, Mark sought the only one who could fulfill an empty void in his life, Jesus Christ.

Today Mark and Angie remain steadfast in the Lord. Mark also enjoys sharing his testimony and helps others face trials through gaming friendships on Clash of Clans. In the clan, he’s part of the Clan for Jesus. For Mark and many others, gaming doesn’t have to be a waste of time, but a chance to connect with others and encourage others in the Lord.

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Scott McCausey

Scott McCausey

Scott McCausey is the Director of Radio Ministries at Christian Devotions Ministries. God presented this unique challenge in January of 2010 and has since brought exciting, well-know Christian leaders to the show he hosts, Christian Devotions Speak UP! Guests have included Christian recording artists, famous authors, ministers and evangelists and famous sports celebrities, all whom share a common goal to spread the word of Jesus Christ. Scott’s day job has him formulating polyurethane systems for Innovative Polymers of St. Johns, Michigan. He has performed various duties within this company for over 23 years and his vast knowledge of chemistry helps answer technical questions and steer new programs in the right direction. At home, Scott is the father of five children. He has been married to his wife Renee for over 20 years and he leads a Family Integrated Church in the mid-Michigan area. He enjoys writing devotions, throwing frisbees, fishing and following baseball and football. Follow him at @CDSPEAKUP.
Scott McCausey
February 7, 2017

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