EP. 029.3 LOTR Series: The Reality of True Evil and the Fall

This week’s episode takes us into the Fall portion of the Christian narrative. As we dive into the aspect of the Fall—how it has effected us and allowed for evil to be in this world—we also talk about a couple other notable “evil” pieces of art, one of which Albert Moeller talked about on The Briefing this week, The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty, who passed away this month, and Hannibal by Thomas Harris. Interestingly, all these may not have originally been intended as horror films, rather they were aiming more for the theology of evil. So what happens when you deny evil exists? You end up embracing it.

We read a few excerpts from these novels and see how truly evil a man can be, but with that thought in mind, we are all just as evil as they are. In the episode, we discuss the evils portrayed in LOTR and how those things reflect our fall away from God and his created order of things.

For some encouraging thoughts, we consider Encounter with Jesus by Keller  and the depravity of mankind—how we got there and what it truly means. We talk about how important it is to actually get a glimpse into the reality of what true evil is like.

If this wasn’t discouraging to you or if it was, then join us next week as we talk about Redemption!

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