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The God of Hospitality

Tis the season to be…less than jolly, for a lot of people. Christmas signals the birth of peace on earth, goodwill toward all people. Yet December, if you base it on the looks on most peoples’ faces when they are on the road or at the grocery store, connotes peace to fewer and fewer. Christmas...

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Uneasy Allies

The Millennial Generation Goes to War

The protests over the election are waning. Reactions varied. The genuinely perplexed scratched their heads and wanted to know — Why are they protesting? The election’s over. Do they think they can reverse it? What’s the point? Other reactions have been less kind. In fact, they’ve fallen somewhere on the continuum between condescending and rude....
church cartel
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Problem People: Super-Elders, Shadow Governments & Church Cartels

Super-Elders and Shadow Governments What do we do about the problem people in our churches? In his upcoming second edition These Sheep Bite: A Fearless Guide to Church Leadership, (available soon exclusively on Theology Mix), Dr. John I. Snyder writes: “Act high, think low, assume their worst, act your best,” was the advice of historian...
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Here we are, soon entering the first of December 2016. Thanksgiving is behind us and the Christmas season, with all of its delights and anxieties, opens up before us. The presidential election is over…or is it? Donald Trump is the unexpected President-Elect…or is he? I venture to say “yes” to both, but there are those...

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Bad Behaviour Delivers in the Church…and Everywhere Else

“The heart is deceitful above all other things.“ –Jeremiah 17:9 I read a great article by Rabbi Stephen Pearce called Bad Behavior in the Bible Delivers Timeless Lessons. In it he writes: Other sagacious writers have echoed this prophet’s [Jeremiah’s] bleak comment on human nature. Nietzsche observed, “Lying is a necessity of life, a part...

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i, Natalie Taylor: The Church Secretary’s Diary

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I, Natalie Taylor, Can’t Look at the Stars

October 26 10:45 a.m. Thank God I don’t have to go to work today. Bless the Property Committee for insisting that they needed the building emptied so they could do their yearly killing. That’s what I called the fumigating. Pete has been complaining about this for a month—”This is going to set me back weeks.”...
Church Life, Featured, Secretary's Diary

I, Natalie Taylor: Que Sera, Sera

October 25 1:45 p.m. “Out.” I text Tav. “Why so late?” “Church brunch.” And my new best friend wanted to know all the details about my “boyfriend,” which she proceeded to whisper to every one of her friends. Then, they would glance in my direction with knowing smiles. I love old church ladies. “So…?” “So...
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