Your 100 Day Prayer: Day 80 – Dust in the Wind

The world and its desires pass away; but the man who does the will of God lives forever.
–1 John 2:1

Think about it! Everything, every person, every pain and sorrow and evil will vanish from the earth—just like dust in the wind. Sounds depressing except for the last half of this verse: “but the man who does the will of God lives forever.” Dr. Snyder explains:

“This is about as clear as it can possibly be. One of the main messages of the Bible is that there are only two ways: the way of life and the way of death. If we choose the way of life in Jesus Christ, we will live forever. But if we turn away and choose our own path, we’ll fade away and disappear with everything else around us.

“….So when you’re praying about that critical issue before you, just keep in mind that whatever the outcome, the last chapter of the book and the last act of the play are the only ones that really count. And the last act is the great wrap-up of the long story of how God intended from the first page to bring his people to incomparable glory, unimaginable joy, and indescribable fulfillment. The truth, discovered by millions before you, should keep you going far beyond the one hundred days!”

TODAY’S PRAYER: Ask God to bring back the initial thrill, joy, and expectancy that you had at your first hearing of the Good News of Jesus. Then let this be the backdrop of your every need and prayer–always.

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