The Lord foils the plans of the nations; he thwarts the purposes of the peoples. But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.
–Psalm 33:10-11

This is good to know when we consider all the terrorism that we face in this world today. As Dr. Snyder says in his book, most of us who have grown up in post World War 2 haven’t gone through the terrors of years past so the seeming chaos of today sends waves of fear through us. He goes on to say:

“Instead of being afraid, let’s turn to God and learn to look through the lenses he gives us when we come to trust in him. When we do, we immediately notice that things aren’t always what they seem. If it appears that we are all at the mercy of others and their agenda—the pawns of political and military leaders, parliaments, congresses, banks, human institutions and plans, even family members or those we thought friends—this is all just show. We aren’t in their hands, but God’s.

“God is not a God of caprice or chance. He moves by purpose and design every step of the way, and nothing ultimately stops or frustrates his plans. It may appear for a while that the schemes of evil people or nations are being fulfilled without any resistance, but at the end of the day God will use their evil for his good purposes. They may enjoy success for a while, but it’s not for long.

“The Bible teaches us that there’s a special power acting in the world that keeps evil on a leash. Remember in the first pages of this book [Your 100 Day Prayer], the Holy Spirit was described as hovering over the unruly and chaotic mass during creation. The Spirit ‘brooded over’ the chaos and extracted order from it. He’s done so throughout every generation and continues to do so this very day. This is our security in the midst of all evil, social or political unrest, and our personal hard times.”

TODAY’S PRAYER: If you find that your days are becoming darker and more fear filled, ask God to clear away the fog of doubt and anxiety and to grant you the ability to see that, even in the greatest storm, it is he who is behind the gale driving you to his perfectly planned destination.

Photo by harold.lloyd via Flickr