Your 100 Day Prayer: Day 20 – Here for a Reason

I cry out to God Most High, to God, who fulfills his purpose for me. -Psalm 57:2

So does that mean that I have a reason for being here? It isn’t just an accident that I’m here? Is God going to help me find and fulfill that purpose?

Dr. Snyder says, “Not only do we have a purpose in being here, but God himself will fulfill it in and through us. It’s not as if we’re given a purpose at birth and then told that it’s totally up to us to make it happen. That would just be mean! Left to our own resources, how frustrating would it be to try and try, only to find that we couldn’t make anything happen?…That’s where the good news comes in. It’s God who has determined our purpose in the first place, and it’s God who brings it to pass in his perfect time. If we come to discern, love and delight in his purpose and learn to work with it and not against it—if our will gets in line with his—then we can’t fail.”

TODAY’S PRAYER: Continually ask the Author of purpose to unfold what yours is. Rest in the fact that, as it get clearer day by day, God himself will be the power to bring it to pass.

Photo by Photo by Lloyd Morgan

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