Our Joy In A Cup

The bitter cup of salvation was drunk. But the sweetening flavor of infinite joy whetted our Savior’s lips so that the taste of death fell utterly short to the pleasure of God’s perfect will.

There is no boundary to such joy. It cannot be tamed or defined. It is a ravenous affection that consumes its subjects with a will to dance and sing and give to the poor and visit the widow and the orphan; to lift up praises through sin-chapped lips to a holy, holy, holy God.

We need this joy. Without it, we are nothing and have nothing to offer.

The cross is our means to indulge our souls with this holy pleasure. If we are tired and worn and doubtful and tempted and troubled, we have a place to go. When we get there, we will not hear a word of condemnation or belittlement but only the soft, holy whisper that will be our life and song and praise forever: “It is finished.”


Theology Mix also recommends Pastor Jeremy Lundmark’s study on <em>The Fury of God:

As a result of the cross, we who trust in Christ are given all the rights and privileges that are due a son. The Bible tells us that we are adopted as sons and that we have been blessed with all things in heavenly places. As David declares in the Psalms, Jesus Christ fills our cup to overflowing. He has made an entrance for us into heaven and we have been given the righteousness of Christ having been justified by faith in him. When we stand before God in heaven he will look on us not as enemies, or as a sinners, but as adopted sons and daughters.

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