11 Questions with Calvinist Chewbacca

cal-chewy1. Why did you start a Twitter account?
A. Yarrrgghhh! Mmmmmmhhhh rawrrrrrr! Rawwrrrr! NnnnhhhhhhaAaaaa! Well, you get the point.
Jk! I loved the anon community and wanted in! Plus I am a Wookiee…. I also thought it would be fun! And it has been!

2. Who is your favourite theologian, past and/or present?
A. Yarrrghhh, that’s a tuff one… Spurgeon! No wait Piper! Wait… I’m going to go with John Owen… Mostly because I attempted to read Mortification of Sin… Made it a few chapters… Gonna try again someday! Yarrrghhh!

3. Is it easier to be who you really are as an Anon?
A. Rawrrr… Well, for the most part my personality comes out a lot on the Anon. Though I try to act like I’m a silly, hopefully wise 234 year old wookiee! 😉

4. What is something that people would be surprised to know about you?
A. I’m not actually 234… 😉 I am a musician… I once ate dinner with Yogi Watts… Drummer of Demon Hunter… No big….

5. What book are you reading? OR: Besides the Bible, what book has influenced your Christian walk the most?
A. Working my way through The Joy Project, also about to start reading Sexual Fidelity… Thanks Jeremy Lundmark! 🙂

6. What’s your favourite movie or TV show?
A. So many to name… Obviously Star Trek! 😉 JK! Though I got mad respect for those Trekkies!

7. Why is it important to study theology?
A. Well, as my homeboy Result said, “In my James White voice, Theology Matters!”

8. What’s your favorite Bible verse(s)?
A. Psalm 63:3: “Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you”
Ever chewed on that verse? Steadfast love better than life? That is awesome!

9. Your friend wants you to go to her Bible study group…but your favorite band is in town, and another friend gives you tickets to the concert. What would you do?
A. I’m gonna go with concert…. Mmmmh!

10. Your worst critic in the church is shopping in the same grocery store you’re at. Do you: look for the nearest exit, put your dark glasses on, run your grocery cart into them, or pretend you didn’t see them?
A. Rawrrr! I would ram em! Mostly because I would be ramming myself… You see friend I am my own worst critic…

11. What would you consider the “worst”—Christian book, Christian music, Christian movies? (If you have more than one choice, please feel free to list them.)
A. That is a good question? Arrrghhh! Not a big fan of anything from those prosper folks… I mean God wants us to prosper… But they missed the point… we most prosper IN HIM! Not in temporary material wealth or perfect health or even in debt free bank accounts. He is our prosper… If that makes sense… I think you know what I am saying yo!

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