What Is Homesteading? A Conversation with Rory Groves

One thing this current pandemic has done for us is to cause us to examine carefully just how fulfilling our life’s work is. Today, a high number of people have reevaluated their lives and concluded that it just isn’t good enough.

Maybe you’re searching for something real right now—a totally different kind of life that matches all those dreams you used to have.

That’s the way it was for today’s guest, Rory Groves. He examined hundreds of occupations that have survived at least 230 years since America’s founding, scoring them according to their stability, family-centeredness, income, and other factors. He then ranked these professions from most durable to least.

All this is in his unique book, Durable Trades. Rory is with us today to talk about his book and his own journey from the high tech industry to homesteading.