Want to Digitally Detox Your Kids? Here’s How to Start: Molly DeFrank on The Walk with John I. Snyder

Our children are being rapidly hypnotized by digital entertainment, and controlled by their cell phones, iPads, and TV, and the dangerous side effects are becoming more and more obvious. Author Molly DeFrank is here to talk about her book, Digital Detox, and has devised a practical  program to detox your children and return them to a normal, happy family life—in just two weeks.

Molly DeFrank has a degree in International relations, and was a press secretary to Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, and is a stay at home mom of 6 children. She has a lot to say about what’s happening to your children and what can be done about it—right away.

Order her book here and get started on the detoxification of your own family.

John I. Snyder