2. The Church Secretary’s Diary: I, Natalie Taylor, Make It Official


March 3

Well, it’s official now.

“Mom, I’m going to live with Gwen and Mitch for a while and get a job with the airlines in San Francisco.”

That is how I less-than-tactfully broke the news to my mother this morning.


I watch the mixed emotions on her face. Confusion, frustration, disbelief, acceptance, excitement, worry. She goes through this cycle when I break life-changing news to her. I suppose I tend to be a bit spontaneous so I’ve gotten used to the way these emotions dance over her face, a face that always shows exactly what she’s thinking.

And I can see that she hates for me to go but thinks it will be good to put some distance between Frankie and me. Mom always knows why I’m doing things, sometimes even before I do.

“Nat, I understand,” she tells me eventually as she makes us both a cup of tea. “You know how I hate to see you go, but at least your sister will look out for you.”

The thought of a new place and a new start is bringing me a surge of excitement and hope I haven’t felt in a long time.

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  1. Thanks!! Thinking about it. So… This adoring punching bag has said goodbye. Have stopped texting, tweeting, calling him. I mean as long as I don’t hear his voice…or his laugh… Yes, I know. I know. Okay. Not going to waste any more of my precious time. Actually, I don’t think he even realizes that I’ve made the decision to move. I just want to be kind… don’t want to be like him, you know.

  2. Wow! That was a quick decision. The fact that you came to it so quickly means that you had pretty much reached that decision already. A totally new environment would certainly put Frankie out of your thoughts for a while, but let me be the buzzkill this time. What if Frankie wakes up to the fact he is losing his adoring punching bag and decides to make a commitment?! Would you lay everything down for him and waste more precious years of your life again? Think about it. Are you willing to start afresh or will this addiction hold you behind forever.

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