Your 100 Day Prayer: Day 84 – The Number of Our Days

All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.
–Psalm 139:16

Oh, my goodness! This is bad news for those misguided souls searching for ways to prolong their lives. No doubt they don’t believe God exists and that He’s in control of their longevity on earth.

Dr. Snyder’s viewpoint on this verse: “What this means in practical term is that not only is the number of our days divinely determined, but what occurs within each one of those days (even up to each second) is no surprise to God. We live securely and under an overarching purpose because our days are in his hands. He was aware of the events of our lives long before we ever came on the scene, and he’s not only with us in our joyful times but is also constantly with us through every uphill struggle, pain, sorrow, and loss.

“So we can take great pleasure in the clear fact that our lives are running on a track of divine purpose and that the end (destination, not just termination), guaranteed to us through the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, is a very happy one.”

TODAY’S PRAYER: Since only God knows the number of your days, ask him to pack into each day as much of his kingdom as you can possibly contain. Pray that God will cause every single day of your life to count for him.

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