I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?
–Jeremiah 32:27

Of course the answer is: absolutely nothing! A wonderful reminder as we continue our 100 Day Prayer.

Dr. Snyder writes: “The words “too hard” and “God” just don’t go together. Do you think the situation you face today is simply too far advanced to fix or that there are no conceivable solutions open to you? That’s just the sort of problem God likes to take on. It’s his favorite thing to do. When every human resource is exhausted and every brilliant idea fails to work, that is the very moment for God to step in and take over.”

Dr. Snyder tells us, “What we are doing in this 100-day period is daily lifting up to God all those things that come only from his generous hand. Nothing is the slightest bit more difficult for him to do than anything else. So while we’re asking, why not ask for the moon?”

TODAY’S PRAYER: Feel just as free to ask God for the utterly impossible as you do for anything else that seems merely difficult. In his eyes, it’s all the same. He can create the solution or open a door where none existed before.