Your 100 Day Prayer: Day 47 – When Heaven Meets Earth

The kingdom of heaven is near.
-Matthew 10:7B

Remember back in Day 19 when Dr. Snyder explained Paul’s ability to be joyful while in prison was because he didn’t think of God being billions of miles away but just inches above his head? Dr. Snyder once again enlightens us as to the meaning of “the kingdom of heaven is near.”

“….Separating heaven and us is a sort of very porous membrane through which all kinds of things can and do pass. If we had eyes to see (as Jesus did), we could witness the very heavy traffic between the two.

“God breaks through to act on our behalf. Jesus moves back and forth between the Father’s presence and ours millions of times a day, rescuing, healing, speaking, guiding. God can hear even a whisper when we’re too tired or weak to pray, because he’s so near. Someday heaven will ‘descend’ (but not far) upon our earth to meet it and transform it into heaven’s likeness (Rev. 21:1-3).

“Jesus expects us to take his teaching seriously, so seriously that we revise our understanding of the world and the universe. He wants us to view the cosmos with new eyes—to grasp that our Creator is so near, as close as the parent is to the child, that all of life is to be lived under his watchful eye.

“If we can get this right, if we can live this way, we’ll find that life will take on a new meaning where pessimism and negative thinking are wholly out of touch with reality.”

TODAY’S PRAYER: Ask God for new, unclouded lenses to see clearly what’s really there. Pray that you can live a life in the fast lane where all the host of heaven is moving with you in the same direction. Amen.

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