The Art of Redemption Episode 024.2 – The Watchmen Series Part 2: Ozemandias (Utilitarianism)

In this week’s episode, we continue the Watchmen series with another popular worldview—Utilitarianism. This worldview take life and decisions and puts them into a math equation (Three minute video) to try and figure out if a decision is going to be better for more or less people if it is done or not.

This idea leads to a thinking that one death is worth it if a mass number of people can avoid having headaches or be inconvenienced. This worldview takes life and, in essence, devalues it in comparison to a “greater good.”

The idea that one man can know that his mass killings of millions will be more beneficial to the “greater good” is impossible. A person would have to be all-knowing, in all places, and be all-powerful, i.e. God. As people, we are limited by our own downfalls in these areas. We cannot and will not be God though that is really what the utilitarians place themselves in the position of, claiming to know that the outcome is going to be for the better of all.

Except we cannot account for all things just as Adrian Veldt could not account for Rorschach’s journal being dropped of at the newspaper office, which would lead to the exposing of Adrian’s plan.

Man is depraved and no matter what we think we have done to defeat our depravity, the best we have done is to postpone it for a very short time. Only Christ can cure the depravity of the human heart, only the God of creation can make all things new…

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