Why Zombies Hate to be Alone

Do you like who you are? Do you know who you are? Can you truly know who you are?

We live in the “Ego Pagan Era” = We worship the self.

This leads to a crisis of identity because the self cannot introspectively turn in on itself and figure out what it is. The Self cannot know the Self.

This means that the harder we look for identity the more we realize how unknowable it is. This causes us, out of a growing sense of desperation, to search even harder for some sense of identity. So we start looking for others to validate our existence and our choices. We post status updates on Facebook which really just say, “please authenticate my existence.”
How does all this tie into The Walking Dead?
In a lot of ways, the Zombie Apocalypse strips away the social institutions that insist on everyone operating on the same moral horizons. In a world of zombies, there is no government. There is no religion. People actually have the chance to take the message of individualism seriously.
In The Walking Dead many of them do. Shane wouldn’t dare steal Rick’s wife, and then decide to kill Rick to get her before the Zombie Apocalypse. Why is he willing to do it now? One of the ways we, as Christians, combat individualism is by taking the second greatest commandment seriously. We are to love our neighbor wholeheartedly.

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