The Art of Redemption Episode 024.5 – The Watchmen Series Part 5: Dr. Manhattan (Materialism)

In this week’s episode, we talk about Dr. Manhattan and, as a warning, it is somewhat graphic due to the fact that Dr. Manhattan is a big blue naked guy in this book and movie.

As we dive into this episode, we hit on the philosophy of materialism. This isn’t the kind of materialism where you really like stuff, but rather that you have an idea about the material world around us as being, in essence “The Higher Power.”Nancy Pearcey’s article on this worldview explains it pretty well in easy terms.

As we examine this idea we line it against truth and see how it is inconsistent, as any false worldview is, and how it has to borrow from a biblical worldview in order even to be feasible.

Dr. Manhattan goes through a terrible accident, but in the end learns how to put himself back together and now has a different perspective on things in this world. He sees into the future, knows more than the average man about mankind, can walk through walls, and is not limited by his physical surroundings, he is in essence “God.” We examine that idea of his characteristics against God’s characteristics and see where Dr. Manhattan falls short.

In the end we see the inconsistent ideas of materialism and how, as with any false worldview, it must, borrow parts of God’s truth revealed to us, generally and specifically, in order for it to be considered.

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