The Art of Redemption Episode 024.4 – The Watchmen Series Part 4: Rorschach (Moral Atheism)

This week’s episode takes us into one of our favorite characters from the graphic novel: Rorschach. If you’ve seen this word before its because this characters name is actually a phycology test called the Rorschach test in which you look at a formless blot on a card and tell the administrator of the test what you see.

Here as we look into the worldview and character of the comic book character by the same name we see some interesting things, namely the worldview he holds to which is moral atheism. Moral Atheism, as explained by a professor of philosophy at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Louise M. Antony: “We find moral value to be immanent in the natural world, arising from the vulnerabilities of sentient beings and from the capacities of rational beings to recognize and to respond to those vulnerabilities and capacities in others.”

The issues with this idea is what we talk about in this episode. If people are not inherently moral as determined by God, they make themselves to be God determining for themselves what is right and wrong. Therefore, moralism can be as diverse and flexible as the personalities that people possess. What may be immoral for one may not be considered immoral for another. It leaves the door wide open for our natural human depravity to run the show, and nothing good will come of that.

Listen in and see what you think.

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