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The Art of Redemption Episode 024.6 The Watchmen Series Part 6: Nite Owl (Moral Conservatism)

This week’s episode brings us to a character that hits home for many people and for the guys on the cast as well, Dan Dreiberg the Nite Owl.

Dan appears to be a normal non-excitable guy. He wears sweaters and drinks tea. He’s a pretty calm guy whom you would stereotype as a guy who probably still lives with his parents. But all-in-all he seems like a real and genuine dude.

However, when he gets around other people he waffles, he caves, he adapts, and becomes whatever the other people are—or stands for what they stand for. In essence, he seems to be a spineless wuss.

On the other side of the coin is his vigilante personality: the Nite Owl. When he puts on this costume, he becomes who he wants to be. He stands up, becomes a man, is able to perform physically and intimately. It seems as if he has a duel personality of sorts.

The issue is that Dan represents the vast majority of people (and many of us) who do this same thing. When it comes time to stand, we waffle out—unless we have enough people to stand with us. He isn’t a person who does his own thing because of what he holds to as a worldview, that being moral conservativism. He holds to what many Christians do and that is the idea of Convenient Conservative Christianity. When it works for my good, I’ll stand up for what’s right, but, occasionally, I will press pause on my Christian walk in order to do what I want to do. Dan embodies this idea in his two personalities we see as the man Dan Dreiberg and the Nite Owl…

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