In this episode of The Walk, John I. Snyder speaks with Dr. Ed Ewart about his new book, Marzipan Bananas, recently published by Elm Hill, a division of Harper Collins. If you’re looking for a good inspiring read, with a strong encouraging Christian message, you’ll want to take Dr. Ewart’s book with you. Ed also serves on the staff of MOO (Mount of Olive) Church in Irvine, California.

About Dr. Ewart: Pastor Ed has worked as a camp director for youth in British Columbia, a pastor of education in San Diego, a Senior Pastor in San Francisco and Orange County, and as “Pastor for Discipleship” in Houston, Texas. He has also served the community by giving professional leadership in organizations that serve those with disabilities, aging seniors and most recently Orange County’s hungry and homeless population.

At Mount of Olives, he gives leadership both in pastoral care and in discipleship training through small groups. Pastor Ed says, “The influence of God through small groups has changed my life.” His doctoral dissertation was titled “Growing the Big Church Small,” a reference to the biblical tool of small groups for making modern day disciples.

Dr. Ewart holds a BA from California State University at Fullerton, a Masters degree from Princeton Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from San Francisco Theological Seminary.

Click here to order Marzipan Bananas.

About The Walk: The Walk is about our faith walk, the way we live out our faith in our daily life. Pastor and author John I. Snyder brings some of his conversations of faith from all aspects with writers, pastors, friends, musicians, entrepreneurs, and others.

Dr. Ewart Bio and Photo Credit: Moo Church