TEPP 29 Calvinism – Limited Atonement

In this session of The Emmaus Project Podcast, Ty, Caleb and Jeff chat about “Limited Atonement.” This may be the one that Calvinists disagree on the most. Who did Christ die for? How do you know if you are one of the elect? Did Christ’s death have more than one purpose?

In “A Heresy,” Victoria Osteen is at it again. She says Jesus wants to know what he can do for us. Has Christ done enough and more for us? What about the rich young ruler, what did Jesus do for him? How did the Osteens get so famous?

Also another segment of “Would You Rather?” We look at some crazy questions in Would You Rather? from the Pope to Benny Hinn to Joel Osteen.

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Photo by Ralf via Flickr