Explicit Warning: This episode contains a song with explicit lyrics that may be offensive to some.

This week as we continue on with the series on Ideological Feminism we talk about Third Wave Feminism. This is the current status on feminism in our culture today. What is it that feminism has come to? What is it aiming to do? Why do we need to be concerned about it? Answers to these questions can be found in this weeks episode.

In Diabolical Beats, we compare and contrast two artists.

The first one we cover is Feels Blind by Bikini Kill with lead artist Kathleen Hanna. She was instrumental and a large proponent of Third Wave Feminism. She was in this band and was a lead in the punk rocker genre of music. We look into the lyrics of this song and talk about the hopeless and blind state in which she is coming from.

In our second piece in Diabolical Beats we look at the music artist LEAH (McHenry) and talk about her style, quality and vision of a hope in the future expressed through her music.

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Intro Music: Akkadian Empire by Audiomachine

Ending Song: Ex Cathedra by Leah

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