As we continue in our series on Ideological Feminism, we go back to the roots of the world in order to better understand how feminism got its start. As we look into the history of man, we examine the ideas of feminism in the Creation, the Fall, and Redemption narrative. We see that when you take God out of the picture it kicks open the door for ideologies that are out of line with Scripture.

Idolatry is part of the reason why we have issues in this world. We see this because people decide to use something or someone as the reference point of their identity. When this takes place, we fall into a skewed ideology and as a result things start to collapse all around us.

As we look into the role of the man in this problem, it often falls into a pattern of ease and irresponsibility, and, in essence, man becomes a bumbling idiot. We see this all over in art today, especially in our modern movies and sitcoms. The father figure is seen as a moron who gets taken advantage of by his kids and disrespected by his wife. This has been brought on by the lack of men standing up and taking on their proper role and responsibility of the man in the home that God has established for them.

Opening Song: Akkadian Empire by Audio Machine

Ending Song: Respect by Aretha Franklin

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