Episode 020.1 Intro to Feminism, the Enlightenment, and the Industrial Revolution

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This week in the podcast, Cody and Roy take on entertainment and the arts in the area of ideological feminism. In this mini-series, they will be addressing this philosophy and how it has affected not only the culture but has invaded the home, the church, and the workplace. As they look into this idea of feminism over the next few weeks, they will be examining many facets in which this idea presents itself and different types of art that have been affected where this underlying ideology is present.

As they open up this segment, they take the time to explain what ideological feminism is and a condensed history of this movement. They take a hard look into Chapter 12 of Nancy Pearcey‘s book Total Truth and how she covers this idea very well in how it has affected the world in which we live. As they look into the history, they also contrast it to what it should be like from a Christian worldview.

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Speak Life

Speak Life

We are now part of the Theology Mix Network!

Bonus Minisode! #AccidentalHeresy and #HereticOfTheWeek

Bonus Minisode! #AccidentalHeresy and #HereticOfTheWeek

We are now part of the Theology Mix Network!