“You Might Just Be a Zombie” Quiz

Today, I’m throwing a BS flag on some people.

Interpret that however you like. But I can tell you, it doesn’t stand for “Bible Study”, “Baloney Sandwiches” or “Barbra Streisand”.

…though I do enjoy me some Barbra.

Some folks think they’re activists, really affecting change. They say they’re “speaking truth to power,” and my favorite, “raising awareness.”

Like some folks online who responded to a picture I posted of my multicultural family. I have a Latino son and daughter, an African American daughter and foster son, and one nice little white biological daughter along with an adopted white daughter.

During some recent racial conflict in our city, I had proudly posted of picture of them to make the point I not only talk racial equality, our family lives it.

How surprised I was when a lady responded that she was dismayed I’d bothered to point out the Latino and black kids and not the white ones. She suggested I was presuming that “white” was normal and needed to “educate myself” (as the self-righteous keepers of correctness are so eager to tell us).

I had pointed out the races of my kids in the context of our city’s recent RACIAL RIOTS. I figured the fact I was a white guy who also had a couple of white kids was irrelevant. But this lady was implying that the father of two Latino and two black kids was actually, well, basically a racist.

I am editing the descriptives that are at this moment rushing in a torrent through my head. I’m glad computers can’t read minds, because I would be banned from the internet right now for bad language!

These people who make noble stands against injustice with words alone drive me crazy. Symbolic gestures with no substance. But they tell us how they’re so much more educated, enlightened and culturally sensitive than the rest of us.

But in truth, they’re all talk.

When you look at what they’re actually doing that’s helping anyone, it’s all a smoke screen. And I’m tired of it.

Funny thing is, it seems God has been tired of it for a while….

Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food.  If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?  In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. – James 2:15

I’m starting to think some of us are turning into spiritual Zombies. You know, we look like we’re human, but we’ve lost all real feeling for others. We respond to people’s needs only in symbolic ways that make us feel good, but don’t really help.

Yeah, they really “love people,” just like a Zombie loves them. Their love does nothing more than feed their own egos and pride.

Sure, they love people…especially if you cook them just right!

So to combat this cultural Zombie Epidemic, I’ve devised a short diagnostic exercise to help you determine if you have “turned” yet, or if you still, in fact, are human. Please work through it below, I promise it won’t take long.

You might just be a spiritual zombie if…

Your causes and concerns are more for the planet than people.

You  think you’re actually doing something helpful by making political posts.

You find your friend’s pets adorable, but their human children bothersome.

You talk about the poor and homeless, but will do nothing more than vote to help them.

You’re more upset by the killing of an animal in the wild than a baby in a womb.

You’ll walk miles to protest the issue de jour, but have yet to walk across the street to actually help your neighbor.

If you can do all these things and not feel like a hypocrite, you may have just lost your humanity and you don’t even know it.

Welcome to the Walking Dead.

Yeah, I know you “really care.” But you care about things that are of lesser importance.

You make a big deal about the environment, but forget that people are why the environment is important. You make a big deal when an animal is hurt, but should respond with greater outrage when people are hurt.

Much of your selective outrage goes strictly along with a political ideology. And like a walker, you keep just prodding along in locked step in a herd of zombies toward what you’re told you should be passionate about.

But when it comes to teaching a child, helping a homeless man find housing, helping a single mom find a job…nothing.

You do nothing.

You talk big, but you’re full of baloney. Or something else.

But unlike real Zombies (“real Zombies?”), there’s still a chance for you to change back – time to live a life that actually matters to people.

Because in the end, people are what matters…and to Zombies, everything tastes like chicken anyway.

Dave Gipson
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Walking by the Spirit (A Study in Galatians)

Today, I’m throwing a BS flag on some people

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Today, I’m throwing a BS flag on some people