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scottmccauseyWhat led you to hosting Blog Talk Radio?

In 2005, I was searching for a devotion book to lead my young family around the dinner table. We live in a fast paced culture that doesn’t stop and eat together nearly enough, but I couldn’t find the book that wasn’t shallow and surface. So I decided to write one myself. I completed a 365 day devotion book almost 5-years later and in my trek to building a platform to attract a publisher to consider my manuscript, I stumbled upon Christian Devotions Ministries. I submitted one of the best devotions in the history of devotion writing (so I thought). My devotions wasn’t rejected, but one of the co-founders of the ministry offered to help me learn how to craft it, make it better. A month later, New Years Day 2010, I was asked to come on their ministry radio program to share how I discovered the ministry. Once on, the founders thought I had “a great radio voice” and asked me to become the new host of Christian Devotions Speak UP! The platform they’ve always used is Blog Talk Radio. Two months later, I began the trek which I still do today.

How do you prepare for an interview?

One week before my guest comes on the show, I begin the research phase. This includes watching YouTube interviews they’ve done in the past, reading their blogs, Facebook posts and studying their web sites. I work hard to know my guest as well as I can and begin crafting questions that will honor God, encourage listeners and do justice for my guest’s ministry through sharing their gifts. Every morning I get up at 6:00 and work on this research and question crafting before my day job begins at 8:00.

How has interviewing people changed you?

It is a great encouragement. So many guests have come on the show from so many walks of life. It is a testament to me that God uses all people through uniquely given gifts to make a big splash for His kingdom.

Who are three people (not living) whom you wish you could interview? And why?

#1. Moses. Wouldn’t it be so cool to hear from this man who not only made many mistakes through grumbling and wandering in the wilderness of sins to a point of not being able to see the Promised Land, but yet also a man who loved God so much he sacrificed everything he was to follow God’s lead. I wonder what advice he would share with us today and what question could I ask that would really make him think? Hmmm, that would be fun. Of course, any hero of our faith would be fun to interview, Paul, David and even Samson!

#2. C.S. Lewis. Such a deep thinker and so many thought provoking books and here would be my question first question for him: Why if the Bible tells us not to dabble in witchcraft would you write a book series filled with this sort of mystery with a connection to Christianity? I’d love to hear his answer to this.

#3. My Grandpa McCausey. He died when I was young and never got to know him. From what I’ve been told, he was a great man of faith and service. Since I talk all the time about family legacy, I’d like to get his thoughts on the lasting effects of his life today, if the future generations of his line were even a glimmer in his eye.

One day I’ll get to chat with all of them!

Which theologians have influenced your thinking?

Matthew Henry, as I use his commentary work all the time in preparing sermons.
Voddie Baucham, as his thoughts on family are ground breaking.
Kevin Swamson, as his understanding of home education to raise Christ driven families is essential.
Greg Bahnsen and Ray Comfort for their defense of our faith.
Ken Ham and his defense of Genesis, as the undermining of this core seeks to minimize all of scripture.
RC Sproul, his engaging mind connects us and helps make sense of God’s word.

Do you think Christians are becoming lukewarm about their faith?

Absolutely. I see “surface” churches, failing youth groups and a young generation flying from God in droves. If you look at the model of thought in Europe, we in the west should also be shaking in our boots.

What do you see are some of the challenges facing the church today?

Leadership must begin to evaluate those programs that aren’t effective and not be too prideful to change methodology. The church must stop looking in the mirror and look to the scriptures for answers.

Do you think the changing roles of men and women in society are redefining Christian marriage/relationships?

This does play a part. But even more is what the culture dictates as acceptable versus what the Bible prescribes for relationships. I believe God betroths husband and wife to be together based on the examples we see in Genesis 2 and even the book of Ruth. Today culture dictates “trying one another out” through a dangerous dating model. Again, we must get back to what the Bible says and not what man says is best.

Have you set some goals for the future of your show?

It is my prayer that one day, a station or organization picks up Christian Devotions Speak UP and syndicates it on a global scale. I’d love to one day host a show like this where testimonies matter and guests are given the time to completely share it with listeners to encourage them to serve God in big ways.

I’d also love to do this full time. Right now the show airs LIVE once per week. I pray one day God opens the doors for this to take place much more often. Who knows, one day a TheologyMix Radio Blast could continue this sort of legacy!

If anyone would like to contact you, what’s the best way to reach you?

There’s a Christian Devotions Speak UP page that I’d love folks to “like.” They can also check out the shows at But I always love to hear from listeners and friends via email at scott @

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What led you to hosting Blog Talk Radio?

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Scott McCausey Interviews Evangelist Ray Comfort and Emeal Zwayne

What led you to hosting Blog Talk Radio?