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When we first came up with the idea for The Anon Church, we were looking for a place where all the Church Anons could come together as a community to connect. One of the unique things about TAC is that we have no doctrinal statement per se, which creates an interesting dilemma because we have many Anons with differing theological views and opinions.

However, this “dilemma” actually makes for lively debate and, in a sense, teaches us how to dialogue with one another and still remain in communion (even if it is only over social media). This is something that denominations across the country lack—the ability to be one, even with different viewpoints. Yet, somehow we’re making it work.

In order to be a member, only those Church Anons who confess the divinity of Jesus Christ and whose denominational affiliation has not rewritten the Bible can be considered a member. This means Protestants, Orthodox Christians and Messianic Jews are all accepted here. This also means Judaists, JWs, Mormons, or any other religious Anons who reject the lordship of Jesus Christ (according to the biblical record) will not be considered part of TAC.

Currently, a majority of our membership includes Baptists, Reformed, and Non-Denominationals. However, this doesn’t mean we don’t have Church Anons from other denominational affiliations—you just have to look for them in our Church Anon Index.

Many of our critics think that The Anon Church is filled with a bunch of misfits who have nothing better to do than to be on Twitter all day long.

This could not be further from the truth.

Our members and published authors come from a wide range of backgrounds such as seminary students, youth pastors, pastors, theologians, missionaries, doctors, filmmakers, ex-pastors, ex-fundies, superheroes, moms with attitudes, dads with opinions, and yes—misfits who have nothing better to do than to be on Twitter.

What does it mean to be a member of The Anon Church?

Simply put, Twitter is our hub to connect with all of our members. The way we do this is by the creation of a Twitter list—Church Anon Index. We consider this to be a comprehensive list of Church Anons on Twitter. This is a list of our members from all different Christian denominations. Here, you can find a great reference tool for finding Church Anons you would like to follow, or just subscribe to the entire list.

How can you connect with us?

Follow us on Twitter—We generally will follow back as long as you’re not a Twitter peddler. Our Twitter timeline is reserved for retweeting the TAC Anons’ best tweets and announcing TAC news.

Follow Theology Mix, our partners on the Internet — A fast-growing theology blog on church life, culture & theological debate—from Biblical Interpretation to apologetics to podcasts, ThM has it all.

Read our Anons’ articles on Theology Mix — We have a wide range of authors bringing the boom back into religious, cultural, personal—even political issues.

Follow University of Twit—Our affiliate college headed by The Xian Satirist, Chancellor. Issuing online degrees to anyone meeting certain requirements. Please contact the university for further information.

We hope that we have given you a taste of what we’re all about. Please remember that much of our content is humorous and satirical, so if you’re not into that sort of thing—move right along. However, we do have many Church Anon members whom you can follow individually who are quite serious all the time.

Welcome to the world of Anonymous.

The Former Bitter Pastor
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