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advent-coverAdvent: A Five-Part Christmas Devotional
Chaplain Chris Linzey

“Let’s face it, we live in a love-saturated culture. Everywhere you turn you see television shows, movies, magazines, books, and other products all designed to get us to buy/watch/read by appealing to our desire to tap into love. It’s especially bad in our music. While I don’t have the exact number, the great majority of songs on the radio have to do with some aspect of love.

But when it comes to love, this world has the wrong perspective. Most of the ‘love’ in this world comes down to ‘what you do for me’—it’s about how you make me feel. Because of this erroneous view, the emotional connections we have make it too easy to move on. When I don’t feel love for you I’m gonna walk away.

But real love doesn’t move on in difficult moments—it holds on and fights for the ‘other.’”


real-meaning-xmas-thumbThe Real Meaning of Christmas
Shirin Snyder

Ever wish you could take the STRESS out of the most wonderful time of the year? With this simple, hassle-free, and fun-filled Christmas pageant, your Christmas just got easier.

The Real Meaning of Christmas is a fun, lively, joy-filled, and incredibly easy Christmas pageant for churches, youth groups, schools, families, homeschool groups, and many others—whether you’re rushing around for a last-minute play for your social group or you want to produce a showcase for your whole church. Not only is it as easy as a pageant can possibly get, it also incorporates every age group into the script! Ages toddler through 100 will all find a part in this creative and worshipful experience.

(If you wish a free copy, please contact us).


hope-final-ep-coverHope EP
Swimming to Shore

HOPE is the debut EP from sister Christian rock duo Swimming to Shore, ThM writers and admins.

Their EP draws from their experiences travelling, working across different countries and cultures, and going through the surprises of life, good and bad, with the strength of Christ—the times of trust and the times of doubt, through faith and fear and everything in between.

It’s about holding on to hope when things look desperate, about the completeness of belonging entirely to God, about waiting on God for direction when the way isn’t clear, remembering that he is always worth the wait. It also features a cover by David Crowder, O Praise Him, which has always been a favorite, as well as an electric performance of Be Still My Soul.


Photo by Jorbasa Fotografie via Flickr

Theology Mix
The Long Run

The Long Run

Advent: A Five-Part Christmas Devotional Chaplain Chris Linzey “Let’s face

5 Questions for the Sermon

5 Questions for the Sermon

Advent: A Five-Part Christmas Devotional Chaplain Chris Linzey “Let’s face