Now Open: Theology Mix Exchange

Hi Everyone,

After several requests for a place to sell, buy, or exchange theology material, we’re changing our dialogue club on Facebook to Theology Mix Exchange. Buy, exchange, sell, or give away for free theology books, textbooks, Christian living, apologetics, ministry books, Bibles, commentaries, bibliographies, etc. You’re welcome to post materials you would like to sell or trade, and you can leave the group at any time if it no longer serves your interests.

Group Rules:

-Theology Mix in no way endorses or is in any responsible for purchases, exchanges, etc. Buy/exchange at your own risk.
-Theology Mix retains the right to remove any material they deem inappropriate.
-Theology Mix is not responsible for any actions, transaction or reactions from members or property bought, sold or exchanged.
-Seller has right of refusal and determines first interest.
-Sales/exchanges should be finalized through direct message or email. Please don’t advertise your print your financial information on the timeline.
-Please clean up after yourself! Delete items that are sold/no longer for sale.
-No disrespectful or abusive language or behaviour of any kind.

Note: This is not the place for theological debates; that being said, if someone sees any abusive activity, please notify an admin to review.

Any questions, please let us know! Happy Mixing!

Photo via Flickr