“Nasty Christians” by Rob Parsons

Author Rob Parsons OBE is founding chairman of Christian charity Care for the Family.

Why are we Christians often so nasty to each other? Imagine there is some friction in your local church. Typically it will be about the style of leadership, the music, the new building project or the youth work.

But the issue is often not the major problem – where there are people there will always be differences of opinion. The problem is that people who have spent years talking about grace, reading books on grace, and going to conferences on grace are suddenly faced with situations in which they need to be gracious and, instead, become… nasty. Followers of the Prince of Peace suddenly decide to go to war. They gather a little army around them, they have war councils in their living rooms and plan the downfall of those they oppose, all the while praying for ‘wisdom, guidance and, above all, that your name may be honoured’.

A great place to see some of this played out is in church AGMs. I have contrasting memories of such occasions. I recall those when godly men and women expressed deeply felt beliefs, but did so with that fruit of the Spirit – kindness. Their remarks might have been direct − tough, even – but they were gracious. I also remember times when people behaved so badly and spoke with such venom that if the local church were a school it would have excluded them.

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