Before You Write the Obituary of Christianity…The Cross Remains

I’ll admit that the world is changing so fast these days that I get a little fearful at times. I wonder if everyone’s lost their minds and forgotten what really matters in life.

We argue about everything, and friendships are sacrificed over minor differences. Even family is not a safe refuge from the chaos around us.

And the Church of the Living God is not immune from that chaos. In fact, to many it appears with congregations diminishing and closing their doors nationwide, particularly in the wake of what is happening today, that Christian faith is on its last legs.

Before you write the obituary of Christianity, I encourage you to think again…

If you’re worried today about future of our faith, you might as well be worried about tomorrow’s sunrise!

Because just like that fire last year at Notre Dame’s Cathedral, when everything else has gone up in flames, the cross remains…

  • though men distract from it with the trappings of their whitewashed goodness
  • though they add the ornamentation of “spirituality” to soften the blood and sacrifice
  • though the mathematicians analyze it as merely the intersection of two lines
  • though intellectuals discount it as too exclusive and mythological
  • though a million men and women walk past it daily, ignoring it’s call…

…yet still, the cross remains.

Today, the cross remains standing as a beacon of hope to every true believer…

  • Though friends forsake us, the cross remains
  • Though loved ones leave us, the cross remains
  • Though health fails us, the cross remains
  • Though finances fall away, the cross remains
  • Though the foundation of our nation shakes beneath us, we are still citizens of an unshakable kingdom

Because when this world has stolen everything from you it can, when you lose it all…even if you lose your very mind…there’s only one thing that can never be taken from us.

And when this very world itself finally melts away, never fear, Child of God.

Though the fires of hell itself come against it, don’t worry – the gold in this cross has already been through the fire!

The cross remains for eternity future, and its former occupant busted loose from his tomb to reign as King of kings and Lord of lords!

Go ahead, world. Take your best shot. Nevertheless, the cross remains!

Photo credit: Pastor Brandon Merrick