Soft Idolatory: Signs Money Is Our Idol

I’ve become keenly aware lately of the pervasive idolatry in the church—in MY church…in ME! Not that it’s anything new, but even among us who would NEVER consciously worship money, there still exists a soft idolatry (if any idolatry can be called soft) that is revealed in the following ways:

  • The preacher can preach about hell, abortion, adultery—any number of sensitive issues—without offending me, but when the subject of money comes up every so often, I grow concerned that “we’re emphasizing money too much.”
  • I assume, in tough economic times, that Christmas can’t possibly be as good this year, because money is too tight.
  • I can have faith that God will heal, that God will save, that God can do anything…but when it comes to budgets and finances, I think faith in the face of cold, hard financial facts is irresponsible.
  • I wait for the money—rather than waiting on God—before doing the things I or we could do “if we just had the money.”

There are more, of course. But man, oh man, it’s insidious and pervasive, isn’t it?

Photo by Images Money via Flickr

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