Question of the Week: Sin

If you’ve read any my articles or visited my blog, you know my tendency is to write about sin. So when I was asked to submit the question of the week I couldn’t help but camp right out where I guess I’m most comfortable.

We tend to make some sins larger than others. Struggling with porn may be considered a larger sin than anger. But what if the struggle with porn is once or twice a month and includes repentance and sorrow, while your anger is daily and in light of “more serious” sins you’ve become somewhat flippant over it?

I guess the questions for discussion are:
Do you have sins you neglect as important or serious?
Do you really do inventory on yourself in those areas? I’m not talking about, “fruit checking,” but just being honest with yourself and God about your struggles.
Do you remember to repent when you struggle with something that is out of character for you, but let those “easy sins” slip right by?

Well, let the conversation begin!

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