Ep. 031.1 Formalistic Art Series: The Line – ABC’s, 123’s of Art

This week we start into the new series on Formalistic Art. What is Formalistic Art you might ask? A piece of art’s form is composed of its basic elements: line, shape, value, texture, and color. These elements constitute the fundamental language used by Formalist art critics to examine and analyze works of art. It’s a method of looking at the art and not really looking at the message or worldview. It looks at the pieces in the art and examines it devoid of any outside influence or meaning. What art basics can we see and analyze?

In this episode, we are joined by John Blinn, another one of the brother-in-laws, and we talk about some particular pieces of art and the idea of lines and how that is part of Formalistic Art. Some of the questions we discuss are: What role do lines play in art? What do lines do? What do they communicate? What is an implied line? Are they helpful and well done?

We conclude the episode by playing a line game about Formalistic Art. We describe these pictures of lines and even come up with out own stories about these types of lines. They will be on the Facebook page and please give us your story about your line!

Here are links to the images we talked about in this cast. The line game we played is on our Facebook page.

Hanger Sculpture:


Dot Work of Lips and Nose:


Old Doorway:


Formalist Piece of Art:


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