Who Is This Man of Anonymity?

My first youth pastor interview:

Interviewer: What will you do in youth ministry?

Me: I will exegete and exposit the Scriptures whimsically, while making disciples who will take the gospel to the ends of the earth. I will stand firm on the 5 Solas of the Reformation and call the students to repentance by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Interviewer: Okay, that’s great, but what will do you? Are you going to take them to Frankie’s Fun World? Are you going to play water games? Are you going to host lock-ins? What are you going to do?

I am the Anonymous Calvinist UthGuy.

I am the one and only.

Twitter does not allow duplicate handles, so I know I am unique. I am a Calvinist. I am not a superhero. I am a youth pastor. I have been on staff at an undisclosed number of churches (between 2 to 5). Prior to youth pastoring, I worked for student-focused parachurch organizations. Ministry is war. I have been on the front lines. I have seen some things. I have some stories.

I choose to remain anonymous, but the stories I will tell are real(ish). In order to protect the (not so) innocent, I will occasionally change/embellish a few details. However, you can be sure what I say is rooted in reality. This is why I will remain anonymous for now. I will strive to say nothing so stinging that someone should be offended if my true identity is revealed.

I hope to write with just the right blend of humor and heart (if you get the reference, let me know in the comments and I will pray for one prayer request) to be edifying, challenging, and other stuff. Whether you are a Calvinist whose eyes have been opened like mine, an Arminian (or Calvinist-lite because you take issue with the “L”), or a Molinist who thinks he has finally solved the age old struggle between free will and providence by singing Kumbaya to it, if you care about theology at all you, you can relate to my struggles.

I’m sure I am not alone. I imagine at least 7,000 standing firm on the foundations of the Church Fathers and Reformers in the midst of churches that think the KJV was handed directly to King Jimmy from the apostle Paul himself. I am convinced there are youth pastors who are fighting the good fight against bad theology, when even their pastors are against them. I know there are lay persons standing firm for the Doctrines of Grace when their churches are perpetually, as Jared C. Wilson tweeted, “[Waking] up on the wrong side of the law/gospel distinction.”

I want this blog to edify, encourage, and exhort you to stand with your arms high and heart abandoned in awe of [O]ne who gave it all. I want to hear your stories as well. Use that comment section, or email me at [email protected] Let me know what you think.

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