The Anon Church: Why Is The Anon Church (TAC) Important?

An online anonymous community organized by The Xian Satirist and The Bitter Pastor, The Anon Church fills a need in the lives of many displaced, disenchanted, or dismayed believers—be they regular church attenders or otherwise. The majority of these anonymous personalities (“Anons”) are Christ-centered, God-honoring servants who are concerned about the state of the church today—tired of the rituals, pettiness, and self-righteousness.

Additionally, pastors who have been bitten by their sheep, badly wounded and in need of healing, find a way to express their thoughts without fear of retribution and in a way that becomes a ministry to others who have been similarly hurt. Members, on the other side of the coin, driven out of their churches by spiritually abusive pastors, find solace in expressing their pain and seeking the advice of those who have walked or are walking this path.

You’ll find that TAC is not interested in trying to tear down the church through resentment or bitterness. But its members are not shy to point out what is wrong with the church today, why it’s driving people away, and finding ways to build the body of Christ and to make a positive difference in a world that is growing darker each hour. In the TAC community, you’ll find a sense of camaraderie, fun, encouragement, and banter. And don’t assume that you know for certain who is who—often a twitter handle is changed or someone else takes a hold of the reins from a previous owner!

A word to the wise: Pay attention to The Anon Church and check out what’s being said on @TheAnonChurch twitter. This is worth a tweet!

Theology Mix shares with TAC its passion to be servants of Christ and to spread the healing, rescuing, and redeeming message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Coming from many different or no denominations, all unite together at the foot of the cross recognizing the sovereignty of Jesus and that salvation is in no other name but his.

Theology Mix is excited to be partnering with The Anon Church and we encourage you to read the thought-provoking, satirical, funny, and very real messages from the members of the TAC community available on We are looking forward to seeing how God uses us together to serve him.

Our grateful thanks to The Xian Satirist (@TheXianSatirist), The Bitter Pastor (@TheBitterPastor) and Pastor’s Wife 2020 (@PastorsWife2020) for making this partnership possible!