You’re a Complete Benedict Arnold…but in the Good Way. | TMBH 39

Acts 9:10-19: In Acts 9 Saul is in the process of figuring out that everything he knows is wrong. Those kind of realizations are usually spread out over years, but for him it’s a matter of three days. Three blind, lonely, hungry days. He can’t sit there forever though, because God apparently has enormous plans for the guy. But what Christian in their right mind is going to be brave enough to go in there are talk to him?

Enjoy this unique, action-figureless, outdoor episode filmed at Old Faithful Christian Ranch ( in Idaho. This was accidentally filmed in glistening 60 frames per second which is EVEN MORE frames than Peter Jackson used to make the Hobbit so life-like it’s horrifying! At 60fps it’ll be easier for you to soak in every glorious moment of my forehead being over exposed as the episode rolls along.

A+ for production! Enjoy!

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