Is There Anything Sexier?

My definition and your definition of “sexy” might differ, but when I see my husband cleaning the toilets we had put in by this Toronto plumbing company, I think, “Now that is sexy!” Okay, maybe that is a bit strange, but getting a hand with the tasks that need to be done makes me a happy woman!

Keeping a house clean, errands run, meals planned, and the cupboards filled is WORK! Anyone who has ever tried to accomplish these tasks, and also work forty hours a week, will attest to the challenges they face. For a moment, though, I want you to consider how much more difficult any of those tasks would be if you had dementia.

Dementia robs us of the ability to remember, and this is the most common problem we see. However, it also robs us of the ability to “process.” This is why many people find using trinity assisted living services or someone similar, helpful. They can support those who are struggling with their ability to “process”. But even with their fantastic help it can still be challenging. Knowing the toilet needs cleaning, and being able to work through the process of cleaning that toilet are two separate tasks. For someone with dementia, those two tasks do not come together well. My mother, who has mid-stage Alzheimer’s, may realize the toilet needs cleaning, but she will not remember that long enough to take action. She will not be able to think through the steps necessary to actually clean the toilet. That is where family help becomes necessary. It’s the same thing with using the phone, we’re even thinking about getting her the best mobile phone for old people so she can keep touch with us when we aren’t around, but maybe having her family around would be better.

Let’s think about that same process when it comes to preparing lunch. If Momma wants a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, there are many processes that must occur before that sandwich is ready to be eaten. The thought process might look like this:

Where is the bread?

Is the peanut butter in the cabinet?

Which cabinet?

Where do I keep the jelly?

What drawer has the knife so I can spread the items on the bread?

Where did I figure out we keep the bread?

I can’t remember!

Oh, just forget it.

I’m not that hungry.

I’ll just eat this candy bar.

You can see how the ability to “process” tasks can become a problem. I recommend loved ones consider assisted living care when this becomes an issue. Studies have shown that assisted living, or group living, leads to a longer and more satisfying life for those with dementia. If you need help with the tasks of selecting the best assisted living for your loved one, send me a note. I offer FREE help! Write to me at [email protected]

Hope that gives you Something to Ponder.

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